TruGrow Greenhouses were designed to be attractive, efficient, yet durable enough for our sometimes unpredictable Pacific Northwest weather. They deliver fully assembled, ready to grow.

Our greenhouses begin with an overall shape that is unusual for a greenhouse. The design maximizes wall height and headroom. Our side walls are typically 5 feet tall, but the angled roof allows the headroom and comfort of taller walls. The angled roof also allows more direct sunlight to enter the greenhouse during the winter when it is needed most, and less direct sunlight during the summer when temperatures become a problem. The polycarbonate side walls are formed in one continuous piece from ground to peak, and the back and front walls are constructed as one-piece with no horizontal seams. This eliminates the opportunity for leakage and increases insulation efficiency.

The all-welded aluminum frame is constructed with superior craftsmanship for strength and durability. Aluminum is a light weight yet strong material for structural strength. The frames are welded, not glued, clamped or joined with hardware, to produce a strong, durable structure.

The frame is covered (glazed) with 8mm twin wall polycarbonate. With 80% light transmission (manufacturer statistics), this material allows a generous amount of light into the greenhouse. Plants do best with at least 75% light transmission to remain healthy. Because polycarbonate diffuses the light as it enters the greenhouse, plants thrive without having to compete for available light, and shadows are reduced on lower shelves or at ground level. Plants are less likely to burn than with clear glass glazing. In addition, “poly” comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Physical challenges shouldn’t prevent the enjoyment of greenhouse gardening. TruGrow Greenhouses are easily modified to accommodate specific needs. Both the greenhouse itself and other options can be altered to adapt to most requests.