Frequently Asked Questions

Are your greenhouses kits?
The ProGrow and HobbyGrow series are not kits and are delivered to your door fully assembled and ready to grow.

How long does it take to get our greenhouse once it is ordered?
Standard time to manufacture our greenhouses is four to six weeks depending on how full our schedule is.

What kind of base or foundation is required?
All of our greenhouses require that they be anchored to protect from strong winds. The most common base is made from 4 x 6 timbers that have been anchored into the ground in some fashion. The greenhouse is then attached to this base using screws or other anchoring devices. Concrete blocks or slab are also acceptable bases. The base is the customer’s responsibility and choice.

Can you provide electrical work to my greenhouse?
Any electrical work is the responsibility of the customer.


Can you provide plumbing to my greenhouse?
Any plumbing work is the responsibility of the customer.


What is the homeowner responsible for?
The homeowner is responsible for site prep, permits, covenant searches, plumbing, and electrical work if required. Plumbing and electrical work should be done by licensed professionals.


Is there a delivery fee?
Delivery within a 30 mile radius from the purchase point is included in the price. Deliveries made outside the 30 mile radius will be charged an additional cost of $2 per mile one way after the first 30 miles.


What is your warranty?
We warrant both the ProGrow and HobbyGrow for 10 years.


What are your terms?
Our terms are 50% with order and 50% prior to delivery. We accept Visa, Mastercard, check or cash.